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Second Chance is a free to play otome game that is created by Aurora22:


More information about this game is here on this link.

I was chosen to edit her game since English is not her native language. I fixed most of the grammar along with some awkward sentences. I will be looking at the script for the second time just to review my first edited draft. While I do that, take a look and comment on how the writing looks like for now. 

Donations are welcome to have Aurora22 to make another game. Maybe I might partner up with her on that. 

I have her permission to upload her game here along to have you guys see my edits.  She will be making her edits too. 

You may give me a private message if you like:


You may also give the creator a private message too:



8/03/17- I looked at the first chapter again and I realized that I missed a bunch of stuff. Fuck me... I'll upload the scripts as frequently as I can. Thank you all for understanding!

8/08/17- Thank you guys for waiting! Chpt 1 and Chpt 2 is done being edited for the second time! A new file has been uploaded!

8/10/17 - Chpt 3 and Chpt 4 has been edited again. A new file is uploaded!

8/11/17- Chpt 5 and 6 has been edited~

8/14/17- Chpt 7,  8, and 9 edited~

8/15/17- Chpt 10, 11, 12 is done~

8/17/17- The game looks good for now. I'll be playing it and look over the details at my spare time. I will be making a walkthrough or the creator will do it for me... XP for you guys thanks so much for your patience!

8/19/17 - I uploaded a straightforward walkthrough if you guys want to cheat your way through the game or see all the endings. If there's something wrong, then give me a PM by using my Gmail.

*Spoilers*: I noticed that in chapter 2 or whatever when Osario was doing the second ritual. I messed up the code a bit. I fixed it right up. Sorry guys!


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Second Chance Walkthrough.docx 59 kB
Second_Chance-1.0-pc.zip 353 MB
Second_Chance-1.0-mac.zip 336 MB


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Hi guys! After some time has passed... I was finally able to make everyone enjoy the game without having to download Renpy! 

Basically, you can play the game without any more problems!

I can't seem to be able to play the game at all. All it does is direct me to the Ren'py developer engine. Anyone got a solution?

Hi there! Can you send me a screenshot of it?


it won't run on my PC itch.io app platform...just gives me like the launch page or something

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Hello! Sorry about that! This game can only work if you have renpy! I don't think it'll work that way!

I just downloaded the android version but I can't complete the installation because it says file can't open.

I'm afraid to say that this game does not work on andriods. I got rid of it... so sorry about that!

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hey just wanted to ask, is "DEVELOPER VERSION.zip" the name of the translated game's file? just thought I'd ask before downloading. Thank you in advance!


Yes, that is the name of the game file!


Hi.. So i tried downloading this game on my android but i noticed the file is in zip and i really don't know what to do with it.. I tried extracting it but the game didn't showed up.. it just created a new folder with all the stuff and i couldn't play it or anything.. they just allowed me to look through the files..i even searched and downloaded more than 1 unzipping apps but the results were the same..Did i do something wrong? I was really excited to play it and i got really disappointed when i saw i can't. I'm waiting for a response. Thank you!

Sorry for not responding so soon, but it looks like the game doesn't work for android. Try using mac, windows, or linux. Sorry about that!

Hi Guys! I'm going to re-edit this game again! Look forward to it! 

The creator also changed her gmail:  nefreti85@gmail.com

Hi guys! I changed my gmail! 


So this is not the same version that is currently available on the creators page now?

Hello! Sorry for the late reply! It may be the same, but this one has been edited by one person. This version is slightly differently than the original one. 


I found a mistake. Arantis should be the one saying "Good morning Sunshine. Have you dreamt of me last night?" instead of Aria. It's minor but it made me feel surprise. Aria isn't that flirtatious 


I can't get the game to open... it opens a screen for developers in ren'py launcher but only has text. Please help me, i am really looking forward to this game and cant wait to play it. Thank you~


If you're still looking I found the game files following the download button on this page: https://aurora22.itch.io/second-chance


is there some kind of walk-though to get  all the endings? 

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No, there isn't at the moment. Let me go ahead and ask the creator to see if she or I can make it for you after I edit the whole game for the second time. 


You can do it if you want to Haruka ;)

awesome thank you.