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Second Chance is a free to play otome game that is created by Aurora22:


More information about this game is here on this link.

I was chosen to edit her game since English is not her native language. I fixed most of the grammar along with some awkward sentences. I will be looking at the script for the second time just to review my first edited draft. While I do that, take a look and comment on how the writing looks like for now. 

Donations are welcome to have Aurora22 to make another game. Maybe I might partner up with her on that. 

I have her permission to upload her game here along to have you guys see my edits.  She will be making her edits too. 

You may give me a private message if you like:


You may also give the creator a private message too:



8/03/17- I looked at the first chapter again and I realized that I missed a bunch of stuff. Fuck me... I'll upload the scripts as frequently as I can. Thank you all for understanding!

8/08/17- Thank you guys for waiting! Chpt 1 and Chpt 2 is done being edited for the second time! A new file has been uploaded!

8/10/17 - Chpt 3 and Chpt 4 has been edited again. A new file is uploaded!

8/11/17- Chpt 5 and 6 has been edited~

8/14/17- Chpt 7,  8, and 9 edited~

8/15/17- Chpt 10, 11, 12 is done~

8/17/17- The game looks good for now. I'll be playing it and look over the details at my spare time. I will be making a walkthrough or the creator will do it for me... XP for you guys thanks so much for your patience!

8/19/17 - I uploaded a straightforward walkthrough if you guys want to cheat your way through the game or see all the endings. If there's something wrong, then give me a PM by using my Gmail.

*Spoilers*: I noticed that in chapter 2 or whatever when Osario was doing the second ritual. I messed up the code a bit. I fixed it right up. Sorry guys!


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I can't get the game to open... it opens a screen for developers in ren'py launcher but only has text. Please help me, i am really looking forward to this game and cant wait to play it. Thank you~

is there some kind of walk-though to get  all the endings? 

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No, there isn't at the moment. Let me go ahead and ask the creator to see if she or I can make it for you after I edit the whole game for the second time. 


You can do it if you want to Haruka ;)

awesome thank you.